3D Printing

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EMP Tooling has entered the realms of 3D printing and we are opening our doors to provide this service to our customers.

Using the world-class 3D printers driven by state of the art “Polyjet Technology” which works by jetting photopolymer materials, in ultra-thin layers onto a build tray, layer by layer until the part is completed.

With our 3D production system we can combine different material properties in the same build on a single print.

We can produce low costs jigs, fixtures or check gauges, and advanced prototypes. Saving  you time and money not having to wait for days, weeks or even months for your prototype to come back to you, we can turn it round virtually overnight after receipt of a graphics file making you wonder how you ever managed without it.

We are able to work in a range of materials:-

  • Rigid opaque, white, black, grey and blue.
  • Rubber like materials in a range of shore A values.
  • Simulated Polypropylene, in various shades & shore A values.
  • Bio Compatible
  • High Temperature
  • Wide Range of translucencies
  • The build area is 240 mm x 240 mm x 300 mm high

You will be able to see and hold your ideas right from the start, giving you the opportunity to test, revise and perfect them prior to having a mould made and going into full production.

How it Works

  1. Send a STEP or STL file to EMP and we will upload the file into our specialist programme creating 3D build instructions including support structures this allows the 3D Printer to turn a drawing into a reality, then we just click print.
  1. The printer then prints the part using technology which makes it possible to build your 3D prototype and its support material, layer by layer, from the bottom up.
  1. We then take it out of the printer and remove the soluble support structure, it is then ready for collection.